Speech & Language Therapy explained

Who we help

Time to Talk can provide Speech & Language Therapy for nursery, primary and secondary aged pupils.

What to expect

We will provide a tailored solution to your Speech & Language needs.

Following contact we will meet for a free session with the best placed school member of staff to discuss what is required and the best way to meet this.

Having worked in a range of settings our lead therapist is well placed to advise on what has worked well in the past, and what could work well in your context. With 20 years experience, she has an appreciation of the multiple demands on financial resources and will have this in mind when suggesting what could be put in place to have the biggest impact.

Work in schools can be rich and varied and include:​

  • Upskilling staff in supporting the language needs of all children

  • Creating a language rich environment

  • Supporting cohorts to develop reading skills, vocabulary and phonics

  • Providing targeted training and individual support for school staff such as speech and language TAs

  • Overseeing and quality assuring the set up of small group speech and language work

  • Carrying out assessments 

  • Providing individual therapy. 

Frequently asked questions

Do we have to employ you?

No, we are self employed so you can buy in our services, as little or as much as you need.

Why should we use a trained Speech and Language Therapist rather than just use our own speech and Language TAs?

Speech and Language Therapists are highly trained and have typically undertaken a four year degree in this field. This enables them to obtain a licence to practise, and the compulsory membership with the HCPC means that we have to adhere to very strict professional guidelines, which centre around specialist assessment and intervention. Therefore, those without this qualification are not endorsed to carry this work out in the same way. 

Can you train up our Teaching Assistants to deliver speech and language support?

Yes, we can train and model the work with TAs who can then carry out a programme with a child or small group.

How much will it cost?

Rates vary according to your requirements. Time to Talk rates are competitive and we are always mindful of the best value for money. Please contact us for an informal conversation.